hist-games: Games appropriate for children

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sun Jan 28 08:34:37 PST 2001

Lee-Gwen wrote:
> > Don't neglect the Game of the Goose, though.  It's addictive.
> Actually, I found Goose to be boring.  And all but the very youngest of
> children with whom I played it agreed.  We ended up stopping in mid game so
> that people could go and do _interesting_ things with their day.

I think it's a matter of how you go into it. In and of itself, Goose is
not a particularly interesting game. However, most games -- especially
children's games -- are intended to be social experiences as much as
anything, and Goose is particularly good at that.

In my experience, Goose is one of the most popular of the games I stock
for *non*-hardcore gamers. The folks who are really into games as
matters of thought and strategy find it a complete waste of time. But
those who are mostly into games as a social experience, which describes
most people in my experience, usually find it a lot of fun when it's
presented essentially as such...

				-- Justin

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