hist-games: Games appropriate for children

Eva Grammer kattmeow at nvrfastenuf.com
Fri Jan 26 11:42:21 PST 2001

I was hoping the list could help me out here.

I am teaching at Gulf Wars Page School this year on period games.  I
have been challenged by the Page School Dean to find a new game for the
kids to learn this year.  Meridian kids are pretty up on their
games...they do Nine Men's Morris and the like.  So, I was thinking
Gluckshaus and the Game of Goose.  But I was hoping maybe the list could
come up with something more...well, esoteric, for lack of a better word?

Only requirements I am looking for is that the game be fairly easy to
make (I'll have to make game boards/pieces/whatever else necessary), and
that it can be learned by late-elementary school kids on up.

Thanks in advance,
Cynwise aet Sceaduwode
MoC, Vulpine Reach, Meridies
Whole may you be, Earth, mother of men!
May you be growing in God's embrace,
with food filled for the needs of men.

--Part of an Anglo-Saxon "field remedy" charm

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