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Dear Ogedei Mongolian Extrordinaire
(I guess you mean "Ogedei Mongolien Extraordinaire")

>I am looking for documentation on games from the time of the Mongolian

Nothing Period, I am afraid. But try N. Namzhildorzh, Mongolyn (xögölt)
togloom, Uulan-Bator, 1963-1966 ; 2 vols. (have I to add it is in

>I am aware of Ming Mang from Tibet and Mishy Mashy of the Maygars.  I have
>no other information on these.  Does anyone have a source I could look at to
>find docs on these games?

For Ming Mang, see:
Siegbert Hummel & Paul G. Brewster, Games of the Tibetans. Helsinki :
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia/Academia Scientarum Fennica, 1963 (FF
Communications, no. 187).

>I am also aware of "chinese chess" aka Shogi.  I have found a rules variant
>called "Heian Shogi" or Early shogi which claims to be the early form of it.
>  again any evidence or documentation on the playing of this by mongols
>would be appreciated.

I am very sorry to tell you Mongolians are not... Chinese, and Chinese are
not Japanese. Shogi is the name of the Japanese chess, not Chinese (called
xiangqi and definitely different!).

>I am also aware of the sheep ankle bone game, but have no rules for it. (or
>dice for that matter)  Any information about this would also be appreciated.

sheep -> shepherds

Try: Iwona Kabzin'ska-Stawarz, Games of Mongolian shepherds. Warsaw :
Institute of the History of Material Culture, Polish Academy of Sciences,
1991 (Library of Polish Ethnography, 45)
hopefully not in Mongolian.

There are also a lot of Russian books on Tuvan, Kirghiz and semi-Mongolian
games that may help you. Please let me know if you want data.

Best wishes!

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