hist-games: card games--Naib/ganjifa and Zodiac

Adrian Seville A.H.Seville at city.ac.uk
Thu Jan 4 04:29:36 PST 2001

Dear Trevor,

I have two versions of R C Bell's The Board Game Book.

The earlier is the US edition of 1979, published by Knapp Press, LA.
This is in a slip case and lists on page 7 at the end of the contents as follows:

Fold-out sheets:
Basket of Fruit
Cottage of Content
Game of Genius
Hare and Tortoise
Journey Through Life
Railway Game
Tour Through Europe

Equipment Sheet.

The other version is the second printing (1983) of the Marshall Cavendish 
(UK) edition of 1979.

This lists at the end of  page 7 only the Equipment sheet and this sheet is 
simply loose into the book, which does not have a slip case.

I have not seen the 1979 UK edition and it may well be from what you say 
that it, too, has a slip case and all the extra sheets.  I had assumed from the 
use of the term 'reprint' in the 1983 UK version that the 1979 UK version 
would be identical.  

You can never assume anything in bibliographic matters!


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> Adrian Seville wrote:
> > 
> > Dear Sally,
> > 
> > Your problem with Bell is that you have the UK edition.  The US edition
> > comes in a slip case with the extra sheets - which are very beautiful
> > and not covered elsewhere in the book. Sorry!
> > 
> Dear Adrian,
> Not so! The UK edition has the loose sheets too. What's more, they colour
> photocopy very well. You can then mount the copies on thin plywood and cut
> them out with a fretsaw an use them.
> Trevor

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