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SEDWilkins at aol.com wrote:
> There's a thread in the archive about Zodiac, but it leaves me with more
> questions than answers. . .
> First, and most puzzling, there are a couple of references to Zodiac being in
> Bell's 1979 Board Games book--but I have both the big color-plate book and
> the Dover reprint dated 1979 of the Oxford volumes, and I can't find Zodiac
> in either of them. If anyone knows just where it is and can point me to it,
> I'd feel stupid but grateful. . . (and if it's not there, where is it? I
> can't find it in Murray, either. . .)
> Next, I'm wondering whether the Alphonso translation that's up on Geocities
> has the pictures or not? When I go there from Mark's page I get the little
> x's, indicating the graphic is there but isn't loading. Is it just me?
> Finally, I wonder if the discussion over whether this is a *real* game or
> just an Alphonso variation has gone any further?
> Sally Wilkins

It seems to be just a gambling game with no real strategies involved. The main
interest would probably be in how fast money would change hands with each
move, since players might be paying some players and receiving money from
others each time they moved.

You can see the Alphonso illustration at
http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Gorge/3154/Zodiac.html (I just fixed the
link to it) along with some rough notes on the info I have about it. The color
plate in the RC BEll book was one of the loose sheets in the boxed edition of
the book, so it may have been lost from your copy.

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