hist-games: Zodiac

SEDWilkins at aol.com SEDWilkins at aol.com
Tue Dec 19 09:50:28 PST 2000

There's a thread in the archive about Zodiac, but it leaves me with more 
questions than answers. . .

First, and most puzzling, there are a couple of references to Zodiac being in 
Bell's 1979 Board Games book--but I have both the big color-plate book and 
the Dover reprint dated 1979 of the Oxford volumes, and I can't find Zodiac 
in either of them. If anyone knows just where it is and can point me to it, 
I'd feel stupid but grateful. . . (and if it's not there, where is it? I 
can't find it in Murray, either. . .)

Next, I'm wondering whether the Alphonso translation that's up on Geocities 
has the pictures or not? When I go there from Mark's page I get the little 
x's, indicating the graphic is there but isn't loading. Is it just me?

Finally, I wonder if the discussion over whether this is a *real* game or 
just an Alphonso variation has gone any further?

Sally Wilkins

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