hist-games: Queries about Hazard

John McLeod john at pagat.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 18 16:44:03 PST 2000

Lee-Gwen <piglet006 at globalfreeway.com.au> wrote:
>The version of the rules for Hazard which I have does not specify the number
>of dice (I assume 2 from the score table), the number of players
>(unlimited?) or how the players bed on this game.  I wonder if someone out
>there could enlighten me please?

>From Cotton's Compleat Gamester:
"This Game is play'd but with two Dice, but there may play at it as many
as can stand round the largest round table".

That seems fairly clear. I don't know in detail how the bets are placed.
Clearly the caster bets on himself to win, and is given back his stake
plus an equal amount from the bank if he does so. Possibly others can
also bet on the caster to win. I think it's unlikely that betting
against the caster was allowed. 
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