hist-games: Queries about the Game of the Goose

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Sun Nov 5 18:58:45 PST 2000

> In the version of The Game of Goose which you sent me, you do not mention a
> "Goblet" space, however, in whichever source I used to do my version (*sigh*
> I am good at forgetting to write these things down) it is mentioned after
> the "Skull" but without a number (this has been true for all the special
> spaces).  I wonder if you can help me with this problem.

I've seen one reference with the goblet space, but out of the nearly a dozen
references I did find, including the illustration, that was the only one, and
therefore I believe the goblet refpects a post-period variation on the game.

> Also, you may wish to change your comments about the placement of Geese on
> the board.  It was from your handout that I got the every 9 spaces idea.

I'd better.  There is a goose every nine spaces starting from space number
nine, but those aren't the only goose spaces on the board.  There is another
goose space between every ninth space.  Sorry to confuse.

- Teceangl
"I do not feel obliged to believe that same God who endowed us with sense,
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