hist-games: Re: period chess set construction

Michael LaFleur mlafleur at gmx.net
Sat Nov 4 10:46:39 PST 2000

Thanks for the excellent references. I was able to obtain a copy of
Holtzapffel from my local library, and placed loan requests on Moxon's Mechanics
and Murray's History of Chess. Still looking for the 2 volumes on chess pieces
and their proper reconstruction due to a limit on interlibrary loans I can
request at one time (unfortunate side effect of living in a really small
town). Once I save up some money I will probably raid the Amazon.com site for
pertinent titles.

The site on Early Wood Lathes was wonderful! I began thinking about the
myriad of objects that can be created with them, and am now on a hunt to
acquire materials and build a version of my own to experiment with.

If anyone has any more helpful guidance please let me know, and thanks
again for the great leads.


Michael LaFleur

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