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Sat Nov 4 02:33:53 PST 2000

In my searching of the entertainment section of Stefan's Florilegium files
(http://www.florilegium.org) I found the following game.  I have serious
doubts about its period validity (mostly based on the fact that I want it to
be and that never works out and also because the author of the post about
the game says:

"As near as I can tell (minimal research and much hearsay) _Road
to Jerusalem_ sprang from the 3rd Crusade and appears to have been a
tavern game. "

I would really appreciate the comments of the List on this game.

She (the poster) describes the game thus:

The original board is a spiral of 63 spaces, with start on
the outside and Jerusalem in the center. There are several special spaces:

1. Start
5. Spur
6. London Bridge--Pay one coin, go to space no.12
9. Spur
14. Spur
18. Spur
19. Paris Inn--Pay one coin for a drink, spend two turns drinking.
23. Spur
26. Play at Dice--Must roll a 5 to continue.
27. Spur
31. Roman Fountain--Toss in one coin, spend one turn wishing.
32. Spur
36. Spur
41. Spur
42. Bad directions from Venetians, go to space no.24.
45. Spur
50. Spur
52. Ransomed by Germans, stay here until someone passes you.
53. Play at dice--Must roll 9 to continue.
54. Spur
58. Black Death! To continue, go back to start and pay one coin.
59. Spur
61. Oasis--Pay one coin for a sip of water.
63. Jerusalem!

You need: A pair of dice, the game board, coins or tokens, and markers
for the players (buttons or such).
The game will support as many players as wish to play, the more players,
the richer the pot!
Each player pays one coin into the pot at Jerusalem and puts his marker
on start.
Determine who is to go first, and proceed clockwise from there. Roll two
dice and move the same number of spaces as the total. You MUST do what
the space tells you to do.

You must pay one coin to Jerusalem whenever you are a) on start, or b) a
space that tells you to pay.
You must roll the exact number to get into Jerusalem, excess points are
moved backwards. Example: Player A is two spaces from Jerusalem, he
rolls a five. He would count two spaces into Jerusalem, and 3 spaces
back. If he does not land on a spur, he may move forward again on his
next turn.
Spur spaces indicate that you MUST roll again and move. You continue
moving in whichever direction you were moving when you landed on the spur
(yes, even backwards).
You have one chance per turn to roll an exact number when caught Playing
at Dice. When the correct number is rolled, you may immediately proceed
with a normal turn (roll again and move).
If you are Ransomed by Germans, you are released when another player
passes you, even if he's going backward.
When you roll the exact amount and enter Jerusalem, you sack the city and
get all of the coins in the pot (yay!).
Game play continues with all of the players paying a coin to Jerusalem,
player wishes to continue playing, he may pay one coin to Jerusalem and
begin at start.
Anyone can join in at an time by paying one coin to Jerusalem and
beginning at start.

Many thanks

Gwynydd of Culloden

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