hist-games: Queries about the Game of the Goose

Lee-Gwen piglet006 at globalfreeway.com.au
Sat Nov 4 02:40:52 PST 2000

I am quite surprised that I need to ask this question, given that The Game
of the Goose was played on a commercially available printed board and thus
there should be little argument about the placement of particular squares.
However, I seem to have found about 3 different descriptions about the
placement of "Goose" squares on the board.

According to one set of rules I have seen, the geese are placed every
multiple of 9 squares, as second set claimed that they are placed every 6 (I
think - it may have been 5) and then Dagonell the Juggler
(http://www cs.canisius.edu/~salley/Articles/goose.html) says that they are
placed 5 then 4 then 5 and so on.

Can anyone tell me authoritatively which is true?  Please?

Gwynydd of Culloden

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