hist-games: Gambling/Tavern games

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Wed Oct 11 19:04:12 PDT 2000

Both Gwynydd and James Masters said they were unfamiliar with some of the
games I mentioned, so I decided to put my rules sheet online for general

It includes card games, dice games, and The Game of the Goose, but no
graphics.  I also stupidly omitted a bibliography and references section.

It's in Word 7, which I currently cannot read 'cause we reformatted the
hard drive in sheer desperation and suddenly my Office 97 disk thinks it's
an upgrade and won't install.
So any questions about the games or text will require quoting from the
document which I created but cannot access.  :)  I'll be glad to supply
biblio and URL info if needed.

Feel free to use, copy, quote, etc.  If publishing, contact me for my
credit info, otherwise don't worry about it.

- Teceangl
     To heck with a self-cleaning oven; I want a self-cleaning fish.

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