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> Useful information, although not surprising: chess was spreading pretty
>  broadly across the world by that point, and I probably would have been
>  more surprised if there hadn't been reason to believe it was known in
>  Eastern Europe by then. The question remains, though, of some sort of
>  confirmation of the round board. I haven't yet seen anything actually
>  from Eastern Europe that even hints at it, although I still hold out
>  some hope of seeing some information on that score. (I'm very fond of
>  Byzantine Chess, mind you -- just a little cautious about a game that is
>  being reported at such a distance. Really, I'm being intentionally
>  contrarian mostly because the account tends to be accepted rather
>  uncritically.)

    The question of whether or not chess was played in Eastern Europe is a 
little bizarre to me, since its been played almost *everywhere* (China to 
Morocco and all points in between) since the Arabs decided that chaturanga 
would work better without the dice somewhere near 700 AD.

    As for the round board, does the 800 year old Turkish round board on 
display in the British Museum in London count?  I got my round board twelve 
years ago from a company in London that is making reproductions.

    Jack Butler

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