hist-games: Re: Gambling games for Tavern

Chris Snell csnell at toad.net
Mon Oct 9 12:59:29 PDT 2000

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Jane & Mark Waks wrote:

> that's *far* from certain. Parlett doesn't list it because it's only
> described in Willoughby, which still isn't published. (Although I gather
> from Jeff Singman that there is still hope of seeing it one of these
> years.) One-and-Thirty is described in the Period Games Rules site.

I have asked Jeff about this recently, as I believe I am about to take
over the Trained Bandes of London Publications.  He has had enough time to
respond to me to say that he's too busy to respond right now.  His
relatively new job(s) are keeping him quite busy, I gather.

However, as I will hopefully be handling the publications, and I have an
avid interest in seeing the Willoughby be published, I will push Jeff as
hard and as often as I can until it is ready :).

- Percy Aldridge
(Chris Snell)

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
     - Walter Bagehot 

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