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Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sun Oct 1 14:50:50 PDT 2000

Okay, here's a list of suggestions for gambling games. All can be found
off of the Period Games Rules Homepage:


Bear in mind that almost anything can be a gambling game if you just
decide to wager on it. But games are are particularly well-suited
include the following:


Bone-Ace or One-and-Thirty: essentially the period equivalent of

Noddy: The Elizabethan version of Cribbage; not inherently a gambling
game, but quick enough to be reasonable.

Gleek: a high-stakes card game for three.

Laugh and Lie Down: a particular favorite of mine -- light, easy and
inherently a gambling game.

Maw: I'm not certain of the provenance of the reconstruction, but the
game's definitely period, and the reconstruction is clearly a gambling

Primero: the period equivalent of poker. Another fundamentally
gambling-oriented game. Moderate complexity -- easier than Gleek, harder
than One-and-Thirty.

Gluckhaus: a dice/board game that is built around gambling. Very easy
and fast. Pure luck.

Hazard: the ancestor of Craps. Pretty complex as dicing games go.

Inn and Inn: a simple and fast dicing game for two or three.

Tablero: one of my favorite gambling games, but do see the warnings
about whether it's really period or not.

Ticktack: a really great gambling version of backgammon. One of the

Shove Groat: requires appropriate equipment, but lots of fun.


As I said, lots of others are definitely useable for gambling. But these
are ones that seem to work particularly well in that environment...

				-- Justin

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