hist-games: Gambling games for Tavern

Alexx S Kay alexx at world.std.com
Sat Sep 30 13:02:20 PDT 2000

> > 3) For those who want skill, try checkers/draughts and some of the table
> > (backgammon) variants.
> My problem with these games is that they don't exist for gambling, if you
> will.  Certainly, I will be taking along my Tablut, Nine Men's Morris,
> Backgammon, Alquerque ... boards, but I don't see these as "gambling games"
> per se.

Actually, Ticktack is a 'tables' variant that is clearly meant as a
gambling game, plays *very* quickly, and is lots of fun.  Justin's 
and my reconstruction can be found here:


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