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From:  Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)

> The stereo-typical gambling game is mostly luck, plays quickly, and
> accommodates people coming in and out.  Here are a few classics:

Yes, it is my feeling that these are the sorts of games the Steward has in

> 1) Try playing "21" with dice (the black-jack card game).  Instead of
> drawing additional cards, you keep on rolling.

I am really looking for Medieval games; is this likely to be one?  I have
had some trouble finding rules for dice games before.

> 2) Gluckhaus is totally luck driven, and therefore boring to avid gamers.

Actually, my real problem with this game was that, when I played it with a
few friends, we found that one "pocket" got lots of coins put into it, but
never paid out.  The rules I was using were from "Games of the World".  Is
is possible that there are some subtleties to the rules which are not
recorded there?

> 3) For those who want skill, try checkers/draughts and some of the table
> (backgammon) variants.

My problem with these games is that they don't exist for gambling, if you
will.  Certainly, I will be taking along my Tablut, Nine Men's Morris,
Backgammon, Alquerque ... boards, but I don't see these as "gambling games"
per se.

> 4) Landsknecht is a dead boring card game, but was known in period and
> seen it appeal to the "I'm a simple solider" players at your event.

Might be interesting.  Can you tell me where I can find the rules?  I have
been doing a bit of surfing (and yes, I have visited the page associated
with this list, but it is possible I skipped over this game)


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