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Sat Sep 30 08:03:18 PDT 2000

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From: James Masters

> Would have thought Shut the Box would be a good bet (scuse pun).  Maybe
> Cribbage, Dominoes?

Someone else has suggested Shut the Box off list.  I have played it (and
really enjoyed it) but I have never seen it as a gambling game.  Would it
just be a matter of wagering a stake?  Or is there more to gambling playing
this game?  As well, can anyone tell me about the history of the game?  It
is my intention to only introduce period (i.e 600 ad - 1600 (ish) ad) to
this event.

Is Dominoes actually period?  I had rather understood it not to be (I
realise that I didn't specify dates in my original post).

Cribbage is certainly a good idea - I am planning to take my boards along.
Can anyone tell me how gambling was traditionally done on this game?

I think, although I could be wrong, that the Steward of the event is
probably looking for games like Tablero and Goose - games where people can
come and go at will and where this style of wagering-in-play, if you see
what I mean, is used.  I doubt that he is really looking for people gambling
on the outcome of chess or whatever.   Perhaps I should mention that I am
not a player of gambling games particularly and thus am unaware of what
gambling rules apply to what games.


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