hist-games: Gambling games for Tavern

Lee-Gwen piglet006 at globalfreeway.com.au
Sat Sep 30 01:48:43 PDT 2000

Unto the List does Gwynydd of Culloden send hearty greetings:

I have been asked to organise some medieval gambling games for an upcoming
Tavern event in my Barony.  What the Stewart wants specifically are games
which are : "quickish, easyish and you can wager large summs of gold coins

Obviously, Tablero (all queries about it's history not withstanding!) is
high on my list, and I am considering the Game of the Goose as well, if I
can get my lady to make me a large calico board for it.  I have considered
and (regretfully) rejected Spoil Five because it takes too much learning and
Gluckhaus is out because I found it totally boring.

Can anyone on the list make any other useful suggestions - preferably with
rules or pointers to useful websites.


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