hist-games: dreidel

SEDWilkins at aol.com SEDWilkins at aol.com
Wed Sep 27 04:58:49 PDT 2000

Gould's _The Top_ hypothesizes that the Roman legions carried teetotums 
across Europe and that they were then adapted by various cultures, 
unfortunately his bibliographic references are done in a very non-specific 
way which makes it impossible for me to determine (without reading all his 
reference materials, which I don't have in house) to know what his basis was 
for this suggestion.

~Sally Wilkins
No Red Sox. . .

ps--note to the person who sent me the inquiry about what the dreidel is--I 
seem to have lost your message. As you've no doubt figured out from the 
discussion, a dreidel is a 4-sided teetotum used in a child's game at 
Hannukah, with the four letters having a double meaning--put, take half, take 
all or do nothing, or "A Great Miracle Happened There" (in Hebrew).

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