hist-games: Period Games Homepage Moved

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sat Jul 22 07:51:52 PDT 2000

I thought I had announced this a month ago, but it's been pointed out
that the message seems to have gotten dropped in the confusion. (At
least, I can't find it in the archives.)

Due to circumstances beyond my control (my employer going out of
business with no notice), the Medieval and Renaissance Games Homepage
had to move *quite* abruptly about four weeks ago. The "www2.lglass.com"
domain, where it had been, no longer resolves at all, but the original
"www.inmet.com" address now points to the new (and hopefully permanent)


Note that this actually resolves to "waks.ne.mediaone.net", which is my
physical location; however, I request that links and bookmarks use the
"www.waks.org" version, because it should be more stable. (I own the
"waks.org" domain, so hopefully I won't have the rug pulled out from
under me again.) Please update any links ASAP, especially any that point
to the lglass domain, since that's thoroughly dead.

Sorry for the late notice -- I had to move a large pile of web pages
very quickly when Looking Glass went under, and I clearly somehow spaced
on sending this notice out then. Thanks to John McLeod for pointing out
the oversight...

				-- Justin

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