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Here's another game which reveals my ignorance once more.  Seems
interesting.  Can anyone answer?
James Masters
Masters Traditional Games

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Dear James:

I hope you can help.  I found your web site on the history of games which I
thought to be helpful and interesting.  However, the answer to my question
could not be found there.

I found a game that has a board of 16 squares, four rows and four columns.

There are sixteen tiles each having four dots.  The patterns of the dots are
different on each tile.  The dots are arranged on each tile as corners of a
square.  The dots are:  red (r) , black (k) , white (w), blue  (b), green
(g) , purple (p), yellow with '+' sign  (+), yellow with '-' sign (-).

The tile patterns are in the clockwise direction:

Tile 1:     +  p  b r
Tile 2:    -  p  b r
Tile 3:    +  p w r
Tile 4:    -  p w r
Tile 5:    + p w g
Tile 6:    - p w g
Tile 7:    + b w g
Tile 8:    - b w g
Tile 9:    + b k g
Tile 10:    - b k g
Tile 11:    + b w r
Tile 12:    - b w r
Tile 13:    + b k r
Tile 14:    - b k r
Tile 15:    + p b g
Tile 16:    - p b g

Do you know what this game is and how to play it?

I appreciate your thoughts,

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