hist-games: FW: "game of the palm"

Brent Hanner behanner at castleliechtenstein.net
Mon Jul 3 21:13:08 PDT 2000

Thierry Depaulis wrote:
> Wouldn't it be a mere translation of "jeu de paume", i.e. real tennis?
> The problem is that we have no evidence for the game before the *late 13th
> century* (J.-M. Mehl, Les jeux au royaume de France, XIIIe-XVIe siecle,
> Paris, 1990).
> Are you, Jim, able to quote any *serious* 12th-century reference?

The earliest attributed mention of the game is from early 13th century
but it is from a morality tale based on an actual person.  But your
right the earliest mention of it directly as a game is late 13th
century.  Anyone interested in the history of early tennis should read
Tennis: A cultural history by Gillmeister.  While I disagree with his
general theory about some of the connections between ball games and
tournaments I think his research is impeccable.


P.S.  Sorry Thierry about the double note.
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 she likes to have a lot of dresses.  It is not enough if she possesses
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their best.""

Service of Ladies by Ulrich von Lichtenstien

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