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Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
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James Masters wrote:
>Anyone have any info on the "game of the palm" from the 12th century France?
>James Masters
>Masters Traditional Games
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>Dear james,
>     In France during the 12th century, a game was played which at that time
>>was called "game of the palm".  Do you know of which game they refer?
>>you for any information you may provide.

Wouldn't it be a mere translation of "jeu de paume", i.e. real tennis?

The problem is that we have no evidence for the game before the *late 13th
century* (J.-M. Mehl, Les jeux au royaume de France, XIIIe-XVIe siecle,
Paris, 1990).

Are you, Jim, able to quote any *serious* 12th-century reference?

Thierry Depaulis

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