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In the spirit of information sharing, I thought I should share the answer to
my earlier question about the odd looking cribbage board from Bette Bemis of
the Cribbage Collectors Society.
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Hi James,
The board is a combination cribbage board and Whist Marker, probably from
the late 19th Century.
One old manufacturer, Chas. Goodall & Son of London, manufactured several
styles of Whist Markers (or counters) and registered the designs in the
1880s - 1890s. They also manufactured at least one combination cribbage and
Whist marker board called the 'Camden', so I have a little information on
the styles. The board pictured, however, isn't a Goodall board, for Goodall,
to my knowledge, never did brass - just wooden whist markers, which were
found on both sides of the boards, including the Camden with the wooden
cribbage board in the middle.

My best to you and your family.

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