hist-games: FW: skins game

SEDWilkins at aol.com SEDWilkins at aol.com
Sat Jun 24 08:35:33 PDT 2000

James Masters writes:

> Does anyone know anything about the term "skins"?  I know what it means in
>  terms of golf (being a betting/scoring system) but can't find anything else
>  on it.
two thoughts, neither of which may be useful in your context. . .

Here in the States it is common (well, at least for boys and men) to play 
"shirts" vs "skins" in pick-up games of basketball, football etc. -- in other 
words, for one side to play shirtless in order to distinguish teams.

"skins" is also an informal terms for drums. 

Might either of these apply?

-Sally Wilkins

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