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Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Tue Mar 28 17:43:12 PST 2000

Me again.  I find multiple questions are often best handled in multiple
messages, and hope I'm not bothering anyone by this.

I seek pictorial references for games pieces from Europe and Asia for
times between the removal of Roman occupation of Britain until the
death of Queen Elizabeth I of England.  (Roughly 420 CE - 1602 CE.)
I'm pleased to use seventeenth sources, though, as they will serve my
purposes nearly as well.

I want to see pieces for playing games and the boards which were used.

My current resources are:
the online copy of Alphonso X's book
_Fun and Games in Old Europe_ by W.Endrei and L.Zolnay
_Games of the World_ edited by Frederic Grunfield
_The World of Games_ by Jack Botermans and others
_Children's Games with Things_ by Iona & Peter Opie
_A Little Pretty Pocket Book_ by John Newberry
_The Past of Pastimes_ by Vernon Bartlett
websites linked to Justin's games archive (including Gunnora's site)

I have a preference for books, but websites are fine.  I find so much on
rules and play styles and anecdotes, but have found that there is scarce
reference to the actual playing surfaces and pieces.

- Teceangl
                Gwell car yn y llys nag aur ar fys

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