hist-games: spellen van Covens en Mortier

Geert Bekkering g.h.bekkering at fys.hen.nl
Tue Mar 28 04:44:45 PST 2000

Dear Readers,

According to Linda Hannas jigsaw puzzles are invented 1760 by John Spilsbury, a London engraver of maps, who pasted these maps to thin mahogany boards and cut them along boundaries "to facilitate the teaching of geography"

The oldest Dutch jigsaw puzzles are all with 18th cetury maps of Covens en Mortier, some with early 18th century maps. Discoveries went so fast in those days, you could argue the use of outdated maps to facilitate teaching. So Covens and Mortier could have invented jigsaw puzzles.

During the 18th century (Covens &) Mortier issued up to 13 different educational (geographical) games.  So far I know of their existance from the Covens & Mortier catalogs. I even know the price they sold for, and they were printed from two plates, but I did never see one. Did anyone ever see such a game? Or could someone give me a hint for a collection where they might have a copy?

Oh yes, if anyone could ever give me a proof C&M puzzles were sold before 1760 .......


Geert Bekkering
J.P.Coenstraat 24
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g,h,bekkering at fys.hen.nl

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