hist-games: FW: A game question

aliadeblois at hushmail.com aliadeblois at hushmail.com
Fri Mar 10 11:17:58 PST 2000

	My first thought was some variation on N Men's Morris - though the center 
hole in such a large board (allowing a large number in a row) seems somewhat 
strange to me.  I'd also be interested to hear about the number/color/etc 
of pegs.

Lillith Lerien

At Fri, 10 Mar 2000 14:44:29 +0000, "Alex R. Kraaijeveld" <a.kraayeveld at ic.ac.uk> 
>First gut reaction was a version of hnefatafl/brandubh, but then on 
>a circular board ..... How many pegs were with it? Any variation in shape? 
>In colour?

>At 13:23 10/03/00 -0000, James Masters wrote:
>>Does anyone have any idea about the attached game picture?  I've looked 
>>and drawn a blank.
>>Apparently it came with some pegs and that's the reason that William assumes
>>it is a game and not just some arty design thing.

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