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James Masters james.masters at ukonline.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 05:23:43 PST 2000

Does anyone have any idea about the attached game picture?  I've looked and
drawn a blank.

Apparently it came with some pegs and that's the reason that William assumes
it is a game and not just some arty design thing.


James Masters
Masters Games

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Subject: A game question

Dear Mr. Masters,

I enjoyed your site very much. Thank you for the wealth of information for
game lovers all over the world.

Recently I have encountered a piece of old game at a fair, and nobody could
tell me what game it is and how it is played. I wonder if you can enlighten
me on it. A JPEG image is being attached herewith.

Best regards, William Woo - Chicago, U.S.A.
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