hist-games: Tablero de jesus

Mark Waks, AKA Justin du Coeur justin at intermetrics.com
Mon Jan 31 10:50:16 PST 2000

Thierry Depaulis wrote:
> Of course, we all know that 'Tablero' means "game board", but is there any
> serious source for 'Tablero de jesus'?

I haven't seen the primary sources myself, so I can't swear to this, but
I *think* it's authentic, if relatively obscure. My recollection off the
top of my head is that it's a minor 15th century game, described in a
single monastic source. (And yes, I've always been a shade curious about
the fact that a clearly gambling-oriented game comes from a monastic
source, but I've seen far stranger things.) I think I've got more info
at home, if I can dig it out. It *is* possible that the whole thing is a
fiction spread by rumor, but the details are surprisingly good if so.

I'm more skeptical about anything claiming that it was turned into a
period drinking game. As far as I know, the drinking game (Tablero da
Gucci) is a strictly modern invention of the SCA. (Hugely popular, but
definitely not period as such.)

				-- Justin

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