hist-games: Homepage News!

Mark Waks, AKA Justin du Coeur justin at intermetrics.com
Thu Jan 27 09:36:24 PST 2000

Howdy, all. After far too long, I've finally gotten around to officially
moving the Medieval & Renaissance Games Homepage to my new job, and
declaring the old one obsolete. The new official URL for the page is:


The old page now just points to the new one. Please update your pointers
accordingly. (One of these days, I'll begin the arduous task of tracking
down all of the pointers to the old page, and asking them to switch to
the new one. Urgh. At some point I'll just get a bloody domain for the
page and be done with it.)

Along the way, I've done a massive update to the page, killing dead
links and putting new ones in. I've given the Rules page a modest
facelift, since it was getting hard to read; it's now a bit less chatty
and a bit more utilitarian. I'm not done yet (I've still got piles of
mail messages to weed through and deal with), but I think it's now
mostly up to date.

As always, if you have a page (or know of one) that is related to the
subject of period games, please send me the URL so I can include it. I
try to keep the Homepage as complete as possible, but I can't find

				-- Justin

Random Quote du Jour:

"Now is the time to tackle questions of morality, privacy, personal 
 identity, and even the prospect of a fundamental change in human
 nature. Because we are likely to be too busy turning into whatever we
 are turning into to analyze or debate the consequences."
		-- Howard Rheingold

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