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I don't have specific information about that.  Is the question about
Play-doh itself, or similar substances?  If you want to know about Play-doh,
I'd suggest looking at the manufacture's web site (often they will post the
historical information, and if not, you can always send a mail message
asking for the information).
The oldest ancestor of Play-doh is probably clay.  I'm not aware of a good
starting place to find out about the use of clay (presumably by children for
play, as opposed to making dishes and tools out of it).  I'd advise that you
start by looking for anthropology information, because the use of clay
probably goes back by millions of years.  
Another interesting angle might be to investigate the use of food-like
substances as a molding material.  I would guess that Play-doh might have
been based on bread dough.  There is extensive documentation of using molded
bread for edible "solutes" (statues and models made out of edible materials,
like a gingerbread house).  One of my favorite stories from Elizabethan
times, talks about ships (with the hulls made out of bread) that had
miniature canons that puffed out smoke (I forget what the canons were made
out of).  Try the historical cooking webpage "
<http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/food.html> " as a good starting place. 

Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)

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Would you be able to send me any info you have on the history of paly-doh
for my child's school project? Thanks!!

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