hist-games: Kingy (revised query!)

Sarah Wakely sarwak at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 5 01:55:34 PST 1999

Thanks to everyone for your messages, sorry I was a bit vague. 'Kingy' (or 
the game that we in my re-enactment group refer to as Kingy!) is 
(apparently) a miltary training game which is played with a hard ball and 
bucklers. The first person with the ball has to try to throw it at one of 
the others, who run round and try to dodge it using the buckler to swipe it 
away. If it touches them  on any part of their body they become 'it'along 
with the first person. The winner is the last one left who has not been hit 
with the ball. It's quite exhausting but great fun.
My question is: does anyone know a) if we're playing it correctly, b) if 
it's known by any other name, and c) what are its origins? I know it's a lot 
to ask, but I'd love to know if anyone has any info about it!
Regards to you all,

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