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> Looks like the ancient Greeks started this formulation.  With earlier dice
> i.e. the Etruscans having varying compositions. However I can not find out
> the why or where fors of this information.
> Kurt

Hi Kurt,

Could you give a citation for your statements?


Sorry to David and the list, I was quoting from memory ... my source for
this is Parlett, David: The Oxford History of Board Games.. In reviewing my
reading before responding He adds that the Etruscan dice were numbered (1.2)
(3.4) (5.6) or (1.3) (2.4) (5.6). He adds that the probably reason for
universal acceptance of the Greek arrangement was that it ensured a more
even distribution of weight in the die. (More important when the die has
lead pips.)

He also briefly mentions the right and left handed nature of die but more as
a curiosity.Regards

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