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Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Tue Oct 12 19:51:07 PDT 1999

All right, now I'm looking for Goose rules.  I've got several different 
sources, and no two of them agree.

Most sources say two dice, my Hungarian source says three.  (Although the
only source I have with a reproduction of an actual board c. 1600, this
is not a good rules source, so that's not a real problem.)

Two versions state that rolling nine on the initial dice roll advances a 
player straight to 63, *BUT* if your initial roll is 6 and 3 you advance to 
square 26 and if it's 4 and 5 you go to square 53.  (Note the problems 
inherent in that conclusion.)  One says that the dice sports were a rule
created to keep that initial 9 roll from being an automatic win.

A couple of versions say landing on a goose results in a "roll again - go
again", some others say that you advence again the number already rolled.

I've found one source which says that landing on the bridge simply meant
you paid a toll, nothing more.  Others say that's a shortcut to space 12.

One source places a wine glass and forfeit on space 61, but I've not seen
that anywhere else.

Sources vary on whether token-forfeiting was a standard part of the game or
an option.

Varying opinions on the dice spaces exist - were they simply spots on which
to land from a starting roll of 9, or did they have special meaning if landed
on in subsequent turns?

Some sources say that landing on the well is the same as jail and you get
stuck until someone else comes along to get stuck.  Others simply count it
as a lost turn or two.

The picture I have of the Dutch board might have rules in the middle, but
they're small and in blackletter and I don't read Dutch.  (If anyone wants
a transcription, I can give it a shot...)  The authors of the book in which
it's printed weren't concerned with rules reproduction as much as noting game
types in the social order.

What I'm really looking for is a late 15th century Really Close To Definitive
set of rules, or at least a playability consensus for the game.

- Teceangl
      Conflict checker to knaves, knights, kings, and all between.

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