hist-games: Dice games?

Mark Waks, AKA Justin du Coeur justin at intermetrics.com
Tue Oct 12 13:12:28 PDT 1999

Teceangl wrote:
> I'm seeking information on dice and dicing games known to Europe and Japan
> before 1600.  Of particular interest to me are any non-standard dice (for
> independent games or board games) and intricate dicing games.
> I've got access to Justin's site, am checking it out right now.  But I'm
> really hoping to score further information.  Any sources with pictures of
> medieval or Renaissance dice would be ideal.
> (And does anyone know of an earlier name for Shut the Box?)

So far I've got next to nothing about Games Without the Tables (that is,
plain dicing games) on the period games site -- a couple of descriptions
of Hazard, and that's about it. If anyone has anything else written up,
I'd love to get it and hook it into the period games page. I'm just
starting to work on this myself, and should have a reconstruction of Inn
and Inn up soonish (I just wrote the Ace's Boke version), but I'd love
to get some info from others on this subject...

				-- Justin l'Ace du Calais

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