hist-games: Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 10:37:03 +0100

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Sep 26 11:14:13 PDT 1999

> Apologies if this is slightly off-topic (not sure if this list is only for
> "period" games or for all games and not entirely sure if pre-1900 counts as
> period or not, anyway?).

The welcome message you got when you signed up answers that question:

>    I've been wanting to see a list devoted to the subject of
> Medieval and Renaissance games for some time.  Since none have
> appeared, I decided to start one up myself.  Although the actual
> content of the list will be determined by what people post, I'd like
> to concentrate on historical games prior to (say) 1700.

In your case, I think your question is quite relevant since many
people don't have any idea how old Chinese Checkers are, and it would
be good to get the exact details into our FAQ...

By the way, please do use a relevant subject when you post, and please
don't post MIME email to the list. In most email clients, you can
choose to send only "plain text email" to any address in your address

-- greg

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