hist-games: Surviving game of goose boards

Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Tue Sep 21 11:05:12 PDT 1999

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999 Vyvienne or Allyson (?) wrote:

>I'm trying to find any surviving game boards (pre 1600) for the game of
>goose.  Can anyone help me?
>Thank you,

New York (USA), Metropolitan Museum of Art:
"Reversible Chess and Goose Game Board", Italian, 1500-1550 (teak wood,
inlaid with ivory, colored stones, and tinted wood - very fine!)

Graz (Austria), Landesmuseum Johanneum:
"Das khurtzweillige Fortuna-Spill", *dated 1589*, carved on stone by
Michael Holzbecher for the children of Archduke Karl - otherwise the game
is a standard game of goose

Wolfenbüttel (Germany), Herzog-August Bibliothek:
"Le jeu de l'oye, renouvellé des Grecs, jeu de grand plaisir, comme
aujourd'huy princes & grands seigneur [sic] le pratiquent", A Lyon, par les
heretiers de Benoist Rigaud (woodcut printed between 1597 and 1601)

Milan (Italy), Civica Raccolta Bertarelli:
"Il novo gioco de loca", Intaglio printing, no date - must be around 1600
to judge from the style

Any other?

Thierry Depaulis

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