hist-games: Re: Homo Ludens and Dice history

Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Tue Aug 10 08:12:20 PDT 1999

On Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 Matthew Whitaker <WhitakeM at nwrel.org> asked:

>I read somewhere that dice, in the pre17th centuries, were named according
>to their pips.
># of Pips	Dice Name
>one		Ace
>two		Deuce
>three		Trey
>four		Quarter
>five		Cinq, or Sink
>six		Sice
>(Obviously, some of these are corruption's of French.)

Yes. They're Anglo-Norman, a dialect of Old French. In French the pips are
called: as, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six.

>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of the names in other languages, or
>perhaps a site where I could find them.
>I am especially looking for the names in the following languages:  Latin,
>French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, and Russian.  Any
>others would be great, too.
>Any help any of you could provide would be quite appreciated.  Thanks!

The answer might be here:

Alex R. Kraaijeveld <a.kraayeveld at ic.ac.uk> wrote:

>For those of you interested in research into games, the Mozarteum in
>Salzburg, Austria publishes 'Homo ludens' yearly (volume 9 is in
>preparation for later this year). For more info, go to:

They are also preparing an exhibition on "5,000 years of dice history" to
be opened in a few days (with a catalogue). For more detail visit their

Thierry Depaulis

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