hist-games: Single player card games in 15th/16th century?

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From: Nia and Tony [mailto:tonia at gartref.u-net.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 4:35 AM
>I've just been looking at your very interesting paper about playing cards on
>the website. I'm trying to find out about the history of Patience, or
>similar games played by one player only. Specifically, I'm looking for any
>one-player card game that might have been played in a middle-income
>household in the late 15th/early 16th century in England.
>If you can give me any ideas, or point me in the right direction, I'd be
>most grateful.

At 10:04 07.07.99 -0700, Mckay, Michael wrote:
>Unfortunately, most of the "Patience" card games seem to have originated in
>the late 18th century

>I'm also aware that England produced card decks (around 1680-1720) that
>formed a board game (similar to "The Game of Goose"), but I don't know if
>those games could be played as a single player.

I don't think so. The cards needed to be laid out in rows as to provide the
'board' you could move your men on. Two dice were needed, and the whole
thing is just not funny playing on your own.

Rem.: I've based my remarks on a supposedly similar *French* card deck that
also could be made into a Game of Goose. This deck is a "Jeu de Fortification",
J. B. de Poilly, Paris, around 1700.


Personally, I cannot think of any game prior to the 18th centuy that
incorporates this "sorting" mechanism. One example would be
the solitaire (board) game, but I believe that this is itself 18th c. ...


>Although the book just went out of print, but it is fairly
>easy to find.  The paperback version went out on "remainder" (that is to
>say, it made it's way onto the bargain books shelf throughout the US). 

Really? This is maybe the time to acquire an extra copy for future trade.

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