hist-games: European Toad in the Hole

James Masters james.masters at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Jun 27 01:59:40 PDT 1999

I have been trying to find out any information about this game played in certain places around Europe.  Essentially it is a box or table on legs which has 5 or 6 holes in it.  Often, the all the holes are decorate, and usually the central one is in the shape of a frog or toad with it's mouth open.  The objective is to toss discs or coins from a few feet away into the holes which score different amounts.

The only information that I have unearthed so far is that the game is called

La Grenouille in France
Togo do Sapo in Portugal
Tonspel in Belgium
La Rada in Catalonia

And it is obviously related to the simpler English pub game Toad in the Hole which just has a single hole in the table.  I would be grateful for any information but in particular, the rules of the game.

Thanks for any advice,


James Masters 

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