hist-games: Hazard . . .

Michael Burridge shyft at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 11:40:40 PST 1999

Greetings all,  

  Well, I've certainly found my time spent on this list educational!  
However, as usual, I'm curious about something else now . . .  

  I've been researching the rules to "Hazard", and have found three 
seperate locations where the rules are given (the Known World Handbook 
and two sites on the Net).  Unfortunately, there are minor differences 
between all three versions of the rules - and none of the versions give 
a detailed description of how the betting aspect of Hazard is handled.
  I understand that Hazard has been played for a long time, so 
undoubtably there are many minor varations on the rules, but what I'm 
specifically looking for is the way in which Hazard was played in the 
England of Chaucer's time (failing this, the way in which it is most 
commonly played now, or even just the way you think is most fun).  
Please don't neglect to mention exactly how the bets are to be placed, 
and if you could tell me a good strategy for betting, I would probably 
find that useful as well.  

  Yours in service,

  Deryk Griffyn
  Seneschal to the College of Ice Valley

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