hist-games: Petteia and Latrunculi

Alex R. Kraaijeveld a.kraayeveld at ic.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 09:02:03 PST 1999

Hi Gil, here are the references to the papers I mentioned:

Austin RG, 1934. Roman board games I. Greece and Rome 4: 24-34.
Austin RG, 1935. Roman board games II. Greece and Rome 4: 76-82.
Austin RG, 1940. Greek board games. Antiquity 14: 257-271.
Schaedler U, 1994. Latrunculi - ein verlorenes strategisches Brettspiel der
	published in: Homo ludens IV

When looking around myself in the past for info on these games on the
internet I came across a LOT that doesn't appear to have any kind of
historical basis ....

Cheers, Lex

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