hist-games: Petteia and Latrunculi

Ramutis Giliauskas Ramutis.Giliauskas at hwcn.org
Fri Mar 5 08:26:19 PST 1999

> I would certainly be interested, also in the historical sources you've
> used. Others than the Austin papers and the recent paper by Schadler?

Hello Lex...

I'm not familiar with Austin or Schadler, could you provide me with their
info or where I could read their papers?

My research is very simple. The internet and the various libraries I visit
when travelling, plus museums. My interest is wargames and my passion is
military history. I came across Petteia and Latrunculi as was surprised
how little was known about two military games that were very popular in
their time.

Since I have been pursuing my hobby for the past thirty years I thought I
might be able to provide some help in furthering the understanding of
these games.

The idea came to me From Ann Hylands book...Training of the Roman Cavalry
from Arrian's Ars Tactica. Ann Hylands background is a professional
horse-trainer and equestrian author. She applied her expertise to the
knowledge available.

The authors I have used:

Caesar, Vegetius, Livy, Tacitus, Xenophon, Herodotus, Thucydides.

Of the last 100 years: Dodge, Liddel-Hart, Fuller, Grant, Sage, Warry,
various articles from the Sandhurst Dept of War studies.

Have you ever seen an animation of phalanx or Legion in battle? The best
one available is located at www.imagicgames.com
It is the Great Battles series on Alexander, Hannibal and Caesar. There
are other files available to view various battles...eg Chaeronea
338bc, Leuctra 371bc, etc.

Toronto, Canada

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