hist-games: Mediaeval Gambling in Britain

Adrian Seville A.H.Seville at city.ac.uk
Thu Mar 4 03:13:02 PST 1999

J.A.R.Pimlott in 'Recreations' (Studio Vista 1968) gives, at the end 
of the chapter on the Middle Ages ((defined as post Norman Conquest, 
pre Reformation):

The national passion for gambling was well developed.  Wagers were 
laid on any pretext, including most sports.  Dice ... was played 
universally - in the home, at taverns, in monasteries and colleges, 
at night spots where (as described by Chaucer) 'young folk that 
haunted folly with harps, lutes and gitterns dance and play at dice 
both day and night.'  The chief indoor games - 'tables', cards and 
chess were all played for money.

Adrian Seville
City University, London UK

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