hist-games: Dates and Places for Tables/Backgammon variants

Matthew Whitaker WhitakeM at nwrel.org
Wed Mar 3 12:25:36 PST 1999

Does anyone have information on more specific times, other locations, and/or
variant names of the following Tables/Backgammon variants?


Barail / Baralie,   Italian / English
Buf De Baldriac,   Spanish
Bufta,   Italian
Cab E Equinal,   ?
Doblet,   Spanish
El Medio Emperador / Ludus Lombardorum,   Spanish / English
El Seys,   Spanish
Emperador / Ludus Anglicorum / Testa / Tieste / The Imperial Game,   Spanish
/ English / Italian / French
Fallas / Fayles / Faille / Fails,   ? / ? / ? / ?
Laquet,   Spanish
Las Quinze Tablas,   Spanish
Las Seys Tablas,   ?
Los Romanos Recontrat,   Spanish
Myles / Miles,   English
Paumecary,   English
Provincial / The Provincial Game,   English
Verkeer / Kotra,   Dutch / Icelandic


Doublets / Tables Rabbatuee,   ? / ?
Jacquet,   ?
Tourne-Case,   ?
Sharaione,   ?
Trictrac,   ?
Esugenas maqqas Moridaci avvi Cremutanni
Matthew Whitaker
whitakem at nwrel.org

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