hist-games: Medieval gambling . . .

Michael Burridge shyft at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 09:19:19 PST 1999

Warmest greeting unto you all, 

  I send this message out in hopes that someone may have the information 
I'm looking for - information about gambling in medieval Europe.  
Specificly, I wanted to know how far back "gambling houses" date, were 
they might of been found, what sort of games were played in them, as 
well as any other available details about how they were typically 
laid-out and run.  I'm not even sure what the proper name for them was.  
  Anyway, if someone could provide me with this information (or even 
provide me with another direction in which I could continue my research) 
I would be very grateful.  Thanks in advance, folks.  
  Oh - and as a smaller side question, does anyone know how dice in 
medieval Europe were constructed?  Were they wood?  Bone?  How large 
were they?  Did they have pips or numbers?  How were the pips or numbers 
marked onto their surfaces?  

  Yours in service and always hungry to learn something new,

  Deryk Griffyn
  Seneschal to the College of Ice Valley

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