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At 16:32 18.12.98 -0600, Andrew (this is my mother's email) texas at morgan.net wrote:
>... to find out the origin of CHECKERS and how and when they came to 
>the United States.
>Do you know of any web sites I can go see to learn more about the history and 
>evolution of the CHECKER?  Thanks for any help you can give.

The best page for the early history of draughts is 
the site on "History of Traditional Games":

The best history of modern checkers on the net:

A short overview concentrating on the modern history of checkers.

An essay on the beginnings on draughts, to be taken with caution.

Short rules from the 'Period Games Page' grouping similar
games togehter:

Miscellaneous links:

>Do you have any research tips for me?

Look into Murray's "History of Board-Games Other Than Chess".
You'll find it all in there.
Grunfeld's "Games of the world" got a paragraph on history of
draughts too.
You can find full citations of these books in Justin's bibliography:

And there should be a new history of board games forthcoming,
from David Parlett. Is it already available?

Have a nice Christmas all of you!

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