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Bryan Stout bstout at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 4 10:37:13 PST 1998

For what it's worth,

Sometime in the 80's I purchased a version of Brandub which I still have.
It is in a small ziplock baggie with a rules sheet, paper board, and pieces
like those in Pente (glass or plastic round drops, 1 blue, 4 red, 8 clear).
The rules are those that Matthew gave.  (They do not say there is no capture
on the 2-square move, and they have no "lost in the woods" rule -- princes
staying in the corner is simply prohibited.)  There is no mention of
sources, just this at then end of the rules sheet:

Godiva Productions
William Levy
(502) 245-9813
1003 Springside Way
Lousville, KY 40223
Copyright 1984
All rights reserved

As a game, at least in this version, it is a nice quick strategy game; in a
player's first game, the barons typically start by dropping the princes like
flies, but getting the last one is hard.  If the King is a careful player,
it's very hard to beat him.  It's even harder with being unable to capture
on the 2-square move.


Bryan Stout
bstout at mindspring.com

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